Center for Health Services believes everyone deserves a better health care and education. Our commitment is to improve lives by providing education, health care support, funding research, increasing awareness, advocating for children and adults with social, learning, developmental disabilities and genetic disorders. Our goal is to provide services to families with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease and Diabetes. We partner with health care facilities, schools, corporations, families and communities in the Chicagoland area.



"  You hosted a great event! Blue Cross Blue Shield looks forward to more events. We were able to reach out to many people who needed information through your heath fair. It's a team effort and together we can be sure to educate the community on health and wellness. Please reach out to me with future events! "


Blue Cross Blue Shield

found out about Center for Health Services at the 2014 Health and Wellness EXPO. They were providing free health screenings and backpacks with school supplies for families with special needs and low income families. Due to limited resources, I thought it was a good idea to get the backpacks and school supplies for my children. I also spoke with a nutritionist about my diabetes. The resources provided by Center for Health Services really helped me to manage my diabetes and prevent further complications. The event gave me many great resources and really motivated me to take a more active role in my health and well-being.”


 - Parent



“ My child has autism, and the services his school provided were not effective enough to help him improve his speech and behavior. Ever since he started attending therapy sessions at Center for Health Services, we have seen a significant improvement in his social and learning abilities. Because of the therapists at Center for Health Services working with my family at home and at the center, we have noticed a great improvement; the individual therapy sessions are able to give my child the proper time and attention he needs to help learn and grow."






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