The CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development Center is an educational and career opportunity for individuals impacted by Autism, other social and communication disorders and families with financial needs. Our Institute offers computer technology and career development learning as an innovative approach to a variety of desired skills. Instruction is highly individualized and focuses on the development of skills and adaptive strategies that will support an individual’s success in the workplace, community, and in life.  The training curriculum prepares our students for employment and workplace readiness. The program provides motivation, conflict resolution, and keys to navigating the workplace.
















CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development curriculum is designed as a comprehensive program with a full-time or a part-time basis. Students will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. Our corporate partners ensure that each student has access to the current company practices, which includes each student’s area of specialization, choice of employment, and equipment. Upon successful completion of all required coursework, CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development graduates are guaranteed an interview with a corporate partner.

CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development provides instruction on learning and career employment skills that are desired by our corporate partners in their accepting environment. The corporate partner model gives students a foundation for success. Our students learn skills and career path necessities that assist them in obtaining employment and retaining a career.

Our staff provides individualized instruction for our students. It is anticipated that a candidate will be able to achieve a Certificate of Completion within 32 weeks. Classes meet three days a week, with coursework covering computer information technology, research, social media, health and sport, life and social skills, work-readiness skills, introduction to the operations of our corporate partners, internship, and the requisite employment skills desired by that specific corporate partners.



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