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Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy goal is to develop specific and personalized ABA treatments usually focused on increasing the child's engagement in positive or social activities. Helping individuals acquire and maintain new skills and behavior modification.

Speech-Language Therapy 

Speech-Language Therapy team develops a customized treatment plan based on individual needs. The pathologist sets goals that may include mastering a spoken language or learning nonverbal communication skills such as signs or gestures.  The goal in each case is to help the individual communicate in more useful and functional ways.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy team provide individualized evaluation for children and adults to maintain independence, participate in meaningful activities, helping to improve the physical and mental health of our patients. Increasing the quality and fulfilling life for our patients in their overall well-being.

Support and Technical Assistance Services

Support and Technical Assistance Services is an educational program with support groups,  which includes a training program for young adults with intellectual disabilities and supported employment services,  parent-to-parent and family member’s connection who have children with autism spectrum and Down syndrome in Illinois. These meetings have different sessions. Parents and families will share children's success story, ideas that help and progress, this will give hope to other families. The parent will be able to evaluate and discuss the child's progress with our therapist. With our help, families will develop goals in the home, school, and community. We will follow up and speak with parents by phone, email or one on one for an update on the child's progress.

Health and Wellness

​Center for Health Services is committed to educating and encouraging children and adults

to the importance of daily healthy eating, healthy living, fitness and physical activities by promoting weight management, obesity prevention, and hygiene. These programs provide awareness to children and adults with or without diabetes on the importance of healthy living and daily diabetes management in order to prevent and avoid extreme complications. The information provided to families from our awareness screening has helped them stay healthy.


Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes Awareness, and Support Services

 We Provide educational training and create awareness for expectant mothers and to parents who want to have more children in the future. This program provides advanced education on preventive resources against gestational diabetes, we provide resources and information on why pregnant women might have gestational diabetes and how to prevent it, especially during pregnancy. A study has shown that women who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy might have type 2 diabetes in the future. For more information, please contact us.

Family Educational Conference

We offer educational meetings to help parents find resources. These programs also help parents better establish themselves as advocates for their children and to find a cure for Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, and Diabetes. Meetings are facilitated by doctors, specialists, and other professionals in their respective fields. These meetings provide the opportunities for the parents to educate themselves, get resources and answers to their questions. The meeting topics include Medical treatments, IEP / Educational rights of people with disabilities, Insurance maze, educate parents about saving and investments for their children and estate planning. The meetings educate and promote healthy eating, healthy living, fitness and physical activities, it educates the family about Hemoglobin disorders and deficiency, Sickle cells Disease, sickle cell trait and Gestational diabetes awareness training. The meetings also provide an opportunity for parents support groups in each of our programs.

Marrow and Cord Blood

Center for Health Services works with donor recruitment centers for BONE MARROW AND CORD BLOOD PROGRAM. These procedures are used to treat and help find cures for Sickle cell Disease, also for Leukemia, Lymphoma and other genetic diseases. The program is for people ages 18 – 44 years. A cheek swab or blood sample is tested to determine your tissue type and if a donor is a match. Center for Health Services Partners with Be the Match- National Marrow Donor Program and Life Source to help save lives. For more information contact us.


Center for Health services funds advance medical research for all our programs; Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle cell Disease and Diabetes. We work with the National Institute of Health, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Research and Scripps Research Institute to improve health and prevention diseases, early detection, diagnosis and treatment that uses developing or innovative technologies and approaches. We support distinctive laboratory, clinical, behavioral and translational research that breaks new ground and defines scientific excellence.

CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development

The CHS Institute of Technology and Career Development Center is an educational and career opportunity for individuals impacted by Autism and other social and communication disorders. Our institute offers computer technology and career development learning as an innovative approach to a variety of desired skills. Instruction is highly individualized and focuses on the development of skills and adaptive strategies that will support an individual’s success in the workplace, community, and in life.  The training curriculum prepares our students for employment and workplace readiness. The program provides motivation, conflict resolution, and keys to navigating the workplace.

CHS Conference Network

Center for Health Services Conference Network covers all our programs in the areas of Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, and Diabetes. These are a group of  Physicians, Healthcare professionals, Healthcare centers, Educators, Clinical researchers, Illinois Health departments in both state and local, the Illinois Department of Public health,  patients and their families. These programs help to educate, increase awareness and provide new information for prevention, treatments, and cures while promoting advanced research.

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