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Center for Health Services encourages people with diabetes and their family members to participate in diabetes clinical research studies. Clinical trial research in humans is the final step before a new drug or treatment is approved. It is through clinical trials that a cure for diabetes will be discovered. The decision to participate in clinical research is very personal and should be made carefully after speaking with your doctor, family, or others you trust.


Center for Health Services and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) provide research information to families with diabetes. 


NIDDK’s Clinical Trials website answers some of the most frequently asked questions about participating in research studies. NIDDK conducts and supports a wide range of research aimed at finding ways to prevent and treat diabetes and its health complications.


Where can I find information about current clinical trials?

Information about clinical trials conducted by the NIH, the NIDDK, and other federal and private organizations can be found at This site offers information about the location of clinical trials, their design and purpose, participation criteria, and additional information about the disease and treatment under study.

Who participates in clinical trials?

Many different types of people participate in clinical trials. Some are healthy, while others may have illnesses. A healthy volunteer is a person with no known significant health problems. A patient volunteer has a known health problem. You can learn more about the types of people who participate in clinical trials and view personal stories from people who participated in NIDDK clinical research.



NIDDK’s Clinical Trials website






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