Donate to support the families with special needs in our communities. When you, your friends, and family donate to Center for Health Services from now until December 30, 2015. Your name will be entered in a Giveaway to win prizes. Winners do not have to be present.

Schaumburg Golf Course
Weekend Getaway
10 Guest Wine Tasting
Samsung 60 4K 2160p Smart TV
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Donation Amounts of:

  • $500-Entered for a chance to win a Foursome Golf Outing

  • $1,000-Entered for a chance to win a Weekend Getaway

  • $2,500-Entered for a chance to win a 10 person Private Wine Taste and Tour

  • $5,000-Entered for a chance to win a 60'' inch T.V.

  • $7,500-Entered for a chance to win a trip to the Choice Awards



Center for Health Services is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible. All proceeds benefit families with Autism, Down Syndrome, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Disease and Anemia. We provide healthcare, education, support and hope that will change the future for all families with special needs who struggle with social, learning, developmental disabilities and genetic disorders. Center for Health Services partners with health care facilities, schools, corporations, families and communities in the Chicagoland area.


Join The Movement. Give Back. Make a Difference


Facts about Autism, Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, and Diabetes:


  • Autism statistics identifies around 1 in 68 American children as being on the autism spectrum. ASD affects over 2 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide.


  • Down syndrome remains the most common chromosomal condition diagnosed in the U.S, 1 in every 700 babies born in the U.S. making Down Syndrome the most common genetic condition.


  • Sickle cell disease affects millions of people throughout the world and is particularly common among those whose ancestors came from sub-Saharan Africa; Spanish-speaking regions in the Western Hemisphere (South America, the Caribbean, and Central America); Saudi Arabia; India; and Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy.


  • The epidemic of diabetes is growing, 25.8 million Americans have diabetes - 8.3 percent of the U.S. population. 7 million do not know they have diabetes.

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It's about making a difference"
-Kathy Calvin


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