Ways to Give


At Center for Health Services, your donation goes towards programs for Autism, Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell and Diabetes. 

Our goal is to provide education, healthcare support, funding medical research, support and hope that will change the future for all

who struggle with social, learning and developmental disabilities and genetic disorders. Center for Health Services is 

a charitable 501(c) (3) organization. Your donations are appreciated.





Donations to Center for Health Services will provide support and improve health and wellness for children, young adults and their families with special needs. It would increase opportunity for families in our communities. 




Center for Health Services appreciates your ongoing support in our communities. Your commitment strengthens our work and 

provides education, healthcare resources and research to the family and our community.




  • Memory of Someone  

  • Make a donation to CFHS in honor of a family member, friend and colleague

  • Make a donation for a special event like a birthday, wedding and graduation


Circle of Friends- Plan an Event.

  • Use our online peer-to-peer fundraising system to get the word out to your friends and families

  • Host a lunch or dinner event and donate part of the money to Center for Health Services

  • Host a golf event, house party, end of the year party and donate to the Center for Health Services




We all have something to give. Volunteer at the Center for Health Services to give back to communities and
make a difference. Together we can make a greater impact.

Learn more  



With the help of our corporate sponsors, we have made great strides in improving the lives of the millions of people affected by diabetes. Our sponsors enable us to raise awareness, support research to bring us closer to a cure, and advocate for legislative change. Center for Health Services provides critical information and services that help Americans with diabetes live healthier, longer lives.


Center for Health Services wants to develop relationships with corporations that are committed to our cause. We will work with your organization on different ways to help improve the lives of families with special needs in our communities. Together we can provide education, healthcare resources, funding medical research and awareness that will change the future for all who struggle with social, learning and developmental disabilities and genetic disorders. With your employees, your customers or your helping hand. 

Corporate sponsorship opportunity for companies:


  • Participate in an event or sponsor one of our events

  • Sponsor an outreach and education programs in the community

  • Raise funds for advance medical research to help find cure

  • Support advocacy efforts with people who have Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle cell and diabetes or who may be at risk for the diseases


Corporate sponsor Cause-related marketing programs can include:

  • Drive awareness and loyalty of your brand through widespread base to a core targeted market of family with Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle cell and diabetes while committed Center for Health Services

  • Pledge a percentage of sales or a predetermined sum to benefit Center for Health Services

  • Educate employee on health and awareness. Promote healthy eating, healthy living and to lead healthy lifestyles

  • Providing change collection to “round up” promotions


Center for Health Services can help to design a cause-related marketing program that will raise awareness, support our programs and services. Promote your company’s products, increase revenues, together we can create a brand loyalty.

For more information please contact us corporate@centerforhealthservices.org




Employee payroll deductions are one of the easiest ways to increase your giving donation. Let your employer know you would like to donate to CFHS.

You can also speak with your human resources department about their matching gift program.

For more information contact us at info@centerforhealthservices.org




Participate in or Sponsor our events or other special events that educate and raise awareness for the Center for Health Services.




Center for Health Services donates books to our schools, libraries, therapists, doctors’ offices and communities. The books cover all Center for Health Services programs: Autism, Down syndrome, Sickle Cell, and Diabetes. These books are also available 

at the Center for Health Services locations.



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